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Bottle Neckers

  • Folding down option to 1.75mm x 3.5mm
  • 9.875mm x 5mm die cut
  • CMYK printing
  • Ability to showcase your products
  • Colorful background

Nowadays, bottle neckers are gradually becoming a popular item then can get a lot of attention from the crowd. It is a technique which is used to sell other items along with the bottle. Bottle neckers can be very effective for the business because they can be used for the promotions of a meticulous product, it can contain any kind of coupon or any kind of leaflet that could entail message for your customers. It has the impact that can create effective action on the spot by the customer. These are basically used to communicate with the consumers which also helps in efficient promotion of your product. These are very frequently used by the people because it can also help in generating lead of potential customers.

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